The Carpetbagger Compendium

Everything you need to know about softcover and hardcover Carpetbagger journals!

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The Carpetbagger© is the ultimate textile journal with the personality of a packrat. Join me in the world of luscious fabrics, trims, laces, scraps, charms, bits and bobs. We will create not just one type of Carpetbagger©, but two...the softcover, original style and the big brother hardcover book, as well!

We will fill our books with ephemera, quotes, music and memories. Along with your digital course will be 2 bonus sheets of ephemera printables you may use for the cover or the inside of your journals.

There is a lot of sewing in my Carpetbaggers, but fear not, you do not need a sewing machine. If you have a sewing machine, get it out, thread it up! But, if not, its okay! Sewing in the journals is my passion, but it is optional! Alternatively, you may choose to hand sew some pieces, too. We talk about that along the way ;)

*The legal stuff I have to say ;) ....*So, first off...I want you to make stuff from the skills I teach and sell that stuff, if you want to!

But, the contents and techniques in this tutorial are the exclusive property of Nik the Booksmith©, hence students should not share, sell, re-teach or reproduce these tutorials in any form, including but not limited to: lending out or sharing downloaded files whether by emailing, downloading onto drives or media to share with someone who did not purchase the class or other digital sharing or other digital sharing, videos, blogs, sharing logins or passwords for Teachable accounts, nor in person by holding classes or workshops whether in public or private gatherings. This is an online course, no physical items will be sent to you. Students will be responsible for gathering their own supplies. Sales of products resulting from any Nik the Booksmith technique should be limited to a small business scale. (i.e. less than 500 sales per year). For larger commercial rights of sale or use of techniques, please contact instructor for details.

Only Nik the Booksmith© has the right to share, teach or sell the techniques taught in her tutorials.

This presentation is protected by U.S. and International copyright laws. Reproduction and distribution in any form without the written permission of Nik the Booksmith is prohibited.
Copyright © Nik the Booksmith - All rights reserved.

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Nik the Booksmith
Nik the Booksmith

Hello, it's great to meet you! I'm Nik and I live in Colorado, USA. For the past few years, I've produced videos of my work on YouTube. You may know me from there! All my life, I have been an artist, but I really found my calling with bookmaking. After developing tried and true methods of creating uniquely styled books, I have jumped into the world of online teaching. From this platform, I can interact with thousands of students worldwide, spreading good cheer and Booksmithing techniques! Feel free to contact me and ask questions, if you like. Also, check out my YouTube channel (Nik the Booksmith) for a look at past and present work and also course information videos. =)

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